college_insetClinical rotation can be a serious problem in allied health and nursing programs. Extended time and effort is invested by the hospital liaison and the school’s clinical rotation manager to manage the student documentation for student clinical rotations. In several cases, these documents are still sent and received via paper and/or as email attachments. The paperwork alone can be overwhelming and the fact that it is still being handled in such an archaic fashion only increases the probability of problems. Oftentimes, this system of doing things results in incomplete student records and unfilled rotation slots.

Due to records not being centralized with current record keeping systems, many programs waste time and money auditing through inaccuracies. In addition, some clinical sites require instructors to grade student tests, a manual process that is very time-consuming. This being the case, there is no easy way for students to ask clinical sites to be referred for employment positions or for students to keep and share a journal of their clinical experience.

To be expected, this destroys any administrative flow within allied health and nursing programs. Utilize Rotation Manager compliance software to avoid this issue entirely.


Mismanaged clinical rotation and inaccurate documentation are serious problems in allied health and nursing programs, compromising compliance standards. Rotation Manager compliance software simplifies these processes and helps to maintain school standards and smoother flow within the program. No program should be without this user-friendly solution.

Rotation Manager is a unified file cabinet that allows schools, students, and hospitals to store and access the documentation for compliance with the hospitals rotation requirements, allowing the school to verify that the documents are complete, up-to-date, and on file before the student can be confirmed for a rotation. This software does the following:

  • Links the hospital, school, and students into one consolidated record keeping system
  • Reduce burden of record keeping
  • Avoid unattended rotations because of incomplete paperwork
  • Manage rotations and paperwork into a single platform
  • Contact hospital liaisons quickly
  • Produce reports easily and quickly
  • Keeps a history of rotations and students for future reference and possible employment
  • Provides students with a tool to increase their exposure for employment
  • Provides students with a clinical journal, shared with their instructors

The beauty of Rotation Manager is that it benefits the school, the hospital, and the student at the same time, strengthening the relationship between all parties. In addition, the software aims at bettering the student’s experience as a whole through the following features:

  • A mobile web-app allowing students to track their rotation information (shifts, instructors, locations)
  • A system enabling students to request that hospital educators refer them for jobs to the hospital HR departments, in clinical sites where students attended rotations
  • A clinical journal, allowing the students to take notes on their clinical experience, and provide feedback to their instructors
  • A vault where students may request and store electronic letters of recommendation from their instructors

Everything you need for clinical rotations:

  • Schedule Rotations
  • Meet Requirements On Time
  • Track Expiring Documents
  • Order Background Checks
  • Order Drug Screenings
  • No More Spreadsheets!

ONE FEE: $29.95/Student*

*Inquire about details by clicking here.

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